Sommaren –06 var Grandfather Little Crow på besök här på Dragonfly.Tiden med Grandfather var underbar, rolig och kärleksfull! Han delade generöst med sig av sin stora visdom till oss alla.

Grandfather arbetade med enskilda samtal, Healing och en spännande spirituell kväll med samtal om vad människor är i behov av och behöver veta.

Under sommaren tog vi emot 52 människor för enskilda samtal och Healing. 43 st deltog i Evning kvällen.

Grandfather Little Crow lämnade oss stora gåvor av kärlek, visdom, ödmjukhet, vägledning och humor.

Tack för allting!

Grandfather Little Crow left us great gifts of love, humility, guidance, humor and wisdom.

Thanks for everything you gave me and all the people!

Universial blessings

Marinette Nylander and all the people

Grandfather Little Crow dog den 31/12-06.



"My words are like stars they never go down"
- Chief Seatlle
Three of the poems from his book " THE AGE OF THE RAINBOW WARRIORS"
A NEW BEGINNING as told by Little Crow are a great gift from him to us.

How could I have told I was going to leave
For a land where the Light always Shines
How could I have told You that I had to Go
that the Choice to Stay wasn`t Mine.

How could I have told You that I wanted to be Free
That my Body and Spirit Wanted peace
And that if You still Love Me as I Loved You
Then let me go with that Love that doesn`t cease.

I couldn`t have told You that I was going to Die
That Freedom from this torment was winning the race
And that freedom from pain was the prize

I want You all to know that I loved You all
And was sorry to Die quite so soon
But, I am at Peace with Great Spirit at my side
So prolonging my pain is no boon.

I want to thank You All for Caring and Sharing my life
For making me feel I Belonged
For cherishing moment shared througt the years
And for teaching me Right from Wrong
In Death , as in Life, I will treasure Your Love
Remembering You All as You Are
I will think of the Good times and forgetting the bad
Then I shall Kis Your Smile with my LOVE


Do not stand at my grave and weep
I AM not there I do not slepp.
I AM athousand Winds blow
I AM the Diamond Glints on Snow
I AM the Sunlight on ripened Grain
I AM the gentle Autumn Rain
When You awaken in the morning hush
I am the Swift uplifting Rush
Of quiet Birds in circeled flight
I am the soft Stars that shine at Night
Do not stand at my grave and cry
I AM not there I did not DIE
Ho !

I dreamed many drems that never came true
I `ve seen them vanish at dawn
But I have realised enough of my dreams, thank to Great Spirit
To make me want to dream on
I prayed many prayers when no answer came
Though I waited patient and long
But answers have come to enough of my prayers
To make me want to pray on
I `Ve trusted many friends that falled
And left me weep along
But I found enough of my friends true blue
To make me keep trusting or
I`ve sown many seeds that fel by the way
For the birds to feed upon
But I have held enough golden sheaves in my hand
To keep me sowing
I`ve drained the cup of disappointment and pain
And gone many days without song
But I`ve sipped enough nectar from the roses of life
To make me want to live on.
Ho !